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The Realcare Baby Think It Over simulator cries at random intervals and requires around-the-clock care on the part of his or her "parent(s)". This simulation is a challenge for all ages, due to the amount of care reqired. The program allows for hands-on education and instant knowledge of the responsibilities of parenthood as participants live the experience. The engineer that created this fake baby and this excellent program was ahead of his time, and for that we are truly thankful. By simply having one-on-one hands on training with the simulator, participants gain a great understanding of how life is with a baby. Since the simulation is demanding, please note how this project will affect young adults. If you are a working adult participant or an in-school student, you will have access to perform temporary shut down and start up times during your rental term.


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Realcare Baby rentals for local parenting class in-home baby care training using the hands-on infant simulators. The Baby Think It Over program using a Realcare Baby is an incredible project. Realcaer Baby think it over program for family and consumer science, school project, adoption preparation, adoption preparedness, adoption education, adoption class, couples, teen pregnancy prevention, red cross baby sitter training, and parenting class. Realcare Baby local parenting class in-home baby care training using an infant simulator, local parenting class and rentals. The rentals for the computerized electronic fake baby is now being used in homeschool, private school, parenting class, girl scouts, high school, middle school, sex education, family planning, Lamaze, and teen pregancy prevention programs in Alabama, AL, Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE, Arizona, AZ, Nevada, NV, Arkansas, AR, New Hampshire, NH, California, CA, New Jersey, NJ, Colorado, CO, New Mexico, NM, Connecticut, CT, New York, NY, Delaware, DE, North Carolina, NC, Florida, FL, North Dakota, ND, Georgia, GA, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Idaho, ID, Oregon, OR, Illinois, IL, Pennsylvania, PA, Indiana, IN, Rhode Island, RI, Iowa, IA, South Carolina, SC, Kansas, KS, South Dakota, SD, Kentucky, KY, Tennessee, TN, Louisiana, LA, Texas, TX, Maine, ME, Utah, UT, Maryland, MD, Vermont, VT, Massachusetts, MA, WY, Virginia, VA, Michigan, MI, Washington, WA, Missouri, MO, Wyoming, Minnesota, MN, West Virginia, WV, Mississippi, MS, Wisconsin, WI.

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